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Practice Areas

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Family Law


We respect and understand the sensitive and all-too-often awkward circumstances that bring our clients to us; the breakdown of a family is difficult and painful for everyone involved.


In addition to the emotional aspects of a family's dissolution, there are many important legal and financial issues to consider.  As such, we take the time to listen and provide an objective assessment of your situation, and provide you with legal advice based on our expertise representing clients under Colorado divorce laws.  Our attorneys understand the law, know the pitfalls, and will support and guide you through the legal process.

Criminal Law


When faced with serious criminal allegations, it is vital to have an experienced and trusted lawyer at your side.  Our attorneys cooperate and coordinate with an array of criminal-law experts in order to provide guidance, legal advice, protection of your rights, and a dedicated defense in court.


We offer clients the utmost discretion when handling their criminal case.  Our attorneys understand that accidents happen, and mistakes are made.  Nevertheless, we believe that offenders often need protection, as well as an opportunity to make reparation, without facing an unjust sentence at the hand of an unsympathetic or crusading prosecutor.

Personal Injury

Our personal injury attorneys represent individuals and their families who have been seriously injured or killed as a result of another's negligence or carelessness.  This may include an automobile accident,  motorcycle accident, medical malpractice, wrongful death, general negligence, or a claim which involves an insurancy company.


In addition to physical pain and impairment, personal injuries are often accompanied by emotional and financial hardship.  They often bring medical bills, loss of work, and increased stress to the lives of you and your loved ones.  The Bagley Law FIrm, LLC has the tools to fix these problems.

Family Law

● Divorce & Legal Separation

● Common Law Divorce

● Maintenance (i.e., Alimony)

● Child Custody & Child Support

Post-Decree Divorce Matters

● Prenuptial Agreements

● Mediation & Arbitration

● Collaborative Divorce

● Dependency & Neglect

● Paternity

● Adoption

Criminal Defense
● Felonies & Misdemeanors


● Domestic Violence

● Sex Crimes

● Assault

● Theft/Robbery/Burglary/

● Motor Vehicle Theft

● Shoplifting

● Murder/Manslaughter

● Traffic Offenses

● Drug Distribution & Possession

● Juvenile & School Offenders


● Car Accidents

● Motorcycle Accidents

● Insurance Company Litigation

● Medical Malpractice

● Wrongful Death

● Negligence

Personal Injury
Wills & Trusts

We want our clients to appreciate the importance of a good estate plan.  Our goal is to design an estate plan that 1) safeguards personal possessions, financial assets, valuables, and property, and 2) protects children from getting "lost in the system" in the event of the parents' incapacity or death.


Federal law requires that estates over a certain value pay a "death tax" on the value of your assets prior to their distribution to your children or other heirs.  The value of your estate includes all of your assets, including life insurance proceeds.  Our goal, of course, is to reduce this tax liability to zero.

General Litigation

Over the past decade, we have successfully partnered with thousands of clients – large and small, local and regional – working to address and successfully overcome a myriad of obstacles, issues, and problems.


We represent clients of all types and sizes: individuals, families, blue-collar workers, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, business entities, non-profits, small businesses, and even mid- to large-cap companies, all facing unique challenges and needs.



In addition to the aforementioned general areas of law, our attorneys can assist you in the following:


● Estate Planning

● Wills & Trusts

● Estate Administration

● Guardianship

● Conservatorship

● Probate Matters

● Financial Powers of Attorney

● Medical Powers of Attorney

 Living Wills

Estate Planning

● Federal & State Court Cases

Government Malfeasance

● Police Misconduct

● Invasion of Privacy

● Defamation (Libel & Slander)

● Legal Malpractice

● Civil Rights Claims (§ 1983)

Civil Litigation

● Restraining Orders

● Contract Drafting

● General Litigation

● Business Law

Business Formation

● Partitions

● Mediation Services

● Arbitration Services

● Premises Liability

Other Areas
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longmont divorce attorney longmont divorce attorneys longmont divorce lawyer longmont divorce lawyers longmont top best “near me”
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